Measuring difficulties

Well, I’m still waiting for some stuff, but yesterday the q-max cutter arrived and today the skin fittings. Whoop, I can start making holes and putting fittings in them 😀

Ah, ere no. All fittings are half inch BSP so I ordered a 1/2″ q-max. Wrong, so tomorrow I need to order a larger cutter 😥

Having compared the cutter with the valves and skin fittings I’m at a loss as to what is being measured as 1/2″ I can’t lay my hands on my vernier at the moment, so I’m not sure if either of them actually have any half inch measurements. That said, the only measuring stick I can find is metric but suggests the cutter is somewhere in the region of 13mm. So it begs the question, what is the half inch referring to with 1/2″ BSP fittings?

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