Brewery schematic

This is the schematic diagram of my planned brewery. The HLT and Copper are 70l stainless steel pots and the Mast tun is a 50l insulated stainless pot.

Beardy’s brewery

Details not shown are: Both the HLT and the copper will have electric elements; at least the HLT will have a sight tube;  both the Mash Tun and the Copper will have false bottoms.

So far I have got the pots, the valves and the sight tube. I need to chase up a couple of suppliers who do not seem to like email (or decide not to use Stainless steel and visit B&Q!). I also need to confirm the false bottom sizes and agree how I will pay for them. If I get a move on I should be able to get all the stuff be the end of the week.


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